how to Recruit Employees

One of the most daunting tasks any business undertakes is the recruitment of new staff. Not only is it timely but it’s ensuring you get the right person for the job and that the person will fit into the culture of your business.

Having well laid out and written job adverts is key. Read more in our first Recruiting Employees blog.

Q. Do you know where to advertise your jobs?
Q. Do you put them on your website? This is all well and good but how are people going to find the advert?
Q. Have you advertised it on a job board or social media? i.e. Twitter/Facebook and LinkedIn Page then pointing that advert back to your advert on your website for them to apply and find out more about the role and your business.

Recruitment & HR services in Exeter, Devon.
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Recruitment by Westcountry HR offers you a complete recruitment solution

Firstly we will write a Job Description and an Advert for the position. People need to know what is expected of them.

We will do the advertising for you – posting on job boards, our social media platforms i.e. Twitter/Facebook and LinkedIn Page and your website.

We will then sift through all the applications and send you the CV’s for the candidates to interview. We can also carry out telephone interviews or even help by attending the interview.

Once you have decided who is successful in that role we can do an Offer Letter and Contract for you ready for them starting, keeping you in line with employment law.