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As soon as you recruit someone you are going to need:

  1. An Offer Letter and Employment Contract.
  2. An Employee Handbook with all the Company Policies and Procedures in it.
  3. An Induction Pack.
  4. Forms and letters for dealing with probation, sickness, holidays, attendance, performance, grievance, disciplinary, training, recruitment etc.


Ok, let’s start with the Employment Contract!

Did you know every employee has a contract, whether you have put it in writing or not?

However, as an employer you are legally obliged to provide a written statement of the main terms and conditions of your employee’s employment with the first two months of employment.

Regardless of any contract, you must comply with minimum statutory requirements in terms of pay, hours of work and annual leave. These include the minimum wage, the working time regulations covering maximum working hours, and annual paid holiday entitlements. Other entitlements include statutory sick pay for qualifying employees.

Also, did you know that changing the employees terms and conditions without their agreement can be a breach of contract?

HR support in Exeter, Devon.
HR admin support in Exeter, Devon.

Changing a contract of employment – What you need to know

Did you know? – If you want to change an employee’s contract of employment, you will need to get their prior consent, preferably in writing. This is still the case even if the contract of employment is oral and/or based on implied terms. Without consent, you are at risk that the employee will sue you for breach of contract or they may resign and claim constructive dismissal.

Did you know? – An employee can generally claim constructive dismissal if they have been employed for two years or more (one year in Northern Ireland).

And if you make any change to the statutory written statement of particulars of employment, this must be notified to the employee in writing no later than one month after you made the change (however, you do not need to issue a new written statement each time). Consent to the change will still be needed.

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